Introduction to the Josephus Reception Archive

The Josephus Reception Archive (JRA) is an ongoing online resource for information about the reception of the life and works of first-century author Josephus.

Josephus has been a ubiquitous presence in European culture, though his role has not been well understood. The JRA is intended to engage, enlighten, and assist a wide public of readers and investigators in many fields. Students of history and of literature, of Judaism and of Christianity, of the reception of the Classical world, of culture and of political thought, of art and of music, should all find here answers to questions that arise in their researches and in their reading.

We present ‘snapshots’ of individuals (translators, editors, scholars, artists, etc.), works (books, films, plays, images, etc.), movements, places, and themes relating to the reception of Josephus throughout the centuries. Brief bibliographies are provided for most JRA entries. Where possible, entries are illustrated.

The JRA provides in the first instance a flexible and easily accessible summary of key findings from the AHRC project on the Reception of Josephus in Modern Jewish Culture (from the eighteenth century to the modern day) which ran from 2012 until 2015. The project’s four themed workshops, held in Oxford between 2012 and 2014, provided a treasure trove of information, participants have generously contributed material to the JRA. We are also indebted to the authors of further entries on important topics that were commissioned or volunteered.

Widening the remit, the online archive will serve as a platform for further exploration and presentation of the reception of Josephus beyond the project’s core period and prime focus on Jewish reception. Further along the line, it is envisaged that the JRA will become an ongoing repository of data concerning the afterlife of Josephus, broadly interpreted.

Entries are checked and edited, but complete consistency of approach and presentation between entries should not be expected. The purpose of the archive is to collect and present as accurately, speedily, and readably as possible research derived from many primary sources in many languages.

We particularly request our readers to let us know of any errors or infelicities they may discover.

We hope that new participants will come forward with suggestions and proposed contribution. Entries are fully acknowledged and attributed to individual authors. Please be in touch!

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The JRA was created by Tessa Rajak and Annelies Cazemier. It is currently administered by Tessa Rajak and Michal Molcho.

How to Use the JRA

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The Following Entries are in Preparation

Isaac Disraeli
Filipowki’s Translation of Against Apion
Heinrich Graetz
Joseph Ha-Cohen
Isaac Marcus Jost
Joseph Klausner
Isaac Beer Levinsohn
Menahem Mendel Mor
Moshe Leb Lilienblum
Rabbi Morris Jacob Raphall
Joseph Salvador
Leopold Zunz
Josephus on TV and Film
Josephus in Opera
Eliezer ben Yehuda
Yehuda Leib Gordon
Shalom HaCohen
Josephus in Israeli Theatre
Nachman Krochmal
Moses Israel Landau
R. Yisrael Lifschitz
Isaac Abravanel
Baruch Spinoza
Zechariah Frankel
Streets in Israel named after Josephus
The book ‘Hayeii yosef’ (The Lives of Josephus) by Yoram Avi-Tamar

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