Itzḥak Rudashevski (1927-1943)

 Itzhak Rudashevski was born in Vilna into a middle-class Jewish family. When the Nazis entered Vilna (June 1941) he started to write a diary in Yiddish which was continued until 6 April 1943. Rudashevski and his family were killed in Ponary in the autumn of 1943. His cousin, the partisan Sara Voloshin, found the diary, which was later received by Avrom Suskever and deposited in the YIVO Institute in New York. The diary was partly published in Yiddish and later fully edited and translated into Hebrew and English. This youthful record is one of the best documents on the struggle for survival and the cultural resistance of the Jews in the Vilna ghetto. It is testimony to the high level of studies and of the extracurricular activities that were somehow maintained in the ghetto school.

Among the school activities are two mock trials that the ‘Jewish History Circle’ organized, in which King Herod and Josephus were formally tried. Rudashevski played an active role in the organization and presentation of both. Herod’s trial discussed the complexity of his character, the problematics of Roman domination, and the danger of an open revolt. For Josephus’s trial, Rudashevski assumes the character of a witness for the prosecution, John of Gischala, who had been one of the most important leaders of the rebel movement in the Jewish War and an opponent of Josephus.

The detailed and dramatic description of the two trials shows that the community in the ghetto (institute teachers, historians, and common people) participated actively. The account testifies to some of the acute issues of existence there, above all the role of the Judenrat and the dangers of insurrection (against Rome, i.e., Germany), as well to the importance of Josephus’s books as a source of inspiration.

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JRA entry contributed by Shifra Sznol