Josephus and Masada Tourism

The Yigael Yadin Masada Museum was opened in 2007 at the foot of the mountain. Josephus is the axis of the tour. He is shown in three dimensions, seated in this garden in Rome and presented as the author of the descriptions of the place and the narratives of what happened there.

The presence of Josephus in Masada extends also to the light and sound show, witnessed during the summer by thousands of tourists, which reenacts the story of Masada and incorporates Josephus among the Roman forces According to the show, it was Josephus who explained to Lucius Flavius Silva that the voices on the mountain were of people celebrating the Passover Seder (and it is even suggested that a discussion arose between Josephus and some Christians). This is not a coincidental error: Josephus’ presence amongst the ranks of with the Roman army gives expression to the complexity of the fact that, despite being a central source for the Jewish resistance, he had in fact joined the enemy camp.

Sound and Light show:

JRA entry contributed by Eyal Ben-Eliyahu